My career spans eight years across design for print, proposal management and execution, marketing, account management, and social media.

I initially trained in Visual Communications at Ara Institute of Technology (formerly CPIT). After graduating, I worked as a designer in the print industry for several years before heading off to London. I worked in a variety of temp roles and internships before my career took a turn towards marketing when I began working as a bid-coordinator for a large construction firm. When I returned to New Zealand I soon became the marketing and communications manager for an architectural and engineering firm in Wellington.

Mine and my husbands hunger for travel was not yet satisfied, so in our last year of child-free, mortgage-free life we enjoyed a year traveling, volunteering and teaching, throughout North America and Asia. In 2017 we returned to New Zealand. Now, I work with clients across a range of industries from farming, to jewellery, to construction, to help grow their businesses through marketing. This includes social media management and advertising, MailChimp email newsletters and campaigns, website (management, content creation and design), print and digital advertising campaigns, marketing planning, and graphic design.

If you would like to get in touch about a project, head over to my contact page where you will find my details.